A new service for people in Surrey experiencing anti-social behaviour or difficulties with neighbours

Alliance Support Coaching is funded by the OPCC to offer additional support while other agencies, e.g. the police and housing providers, take whatever enforcement action is possible.

If you are a professional working with victims of ASB you can refer a client to the ASC Project by completing the ASC referral form.  Please contact the project manager on annej@asms.org.uk or 07419 823894 for further details.

If you are a person affected by anti-social behaviour, and you think this service may help, ask your housing officer, or the police officer dealing with your case to refer you, or contact us direct by email to annej@asms.org.uk or by calling 07419 823894.

What do we do?

We help people tackle difficult situations, overcome uncertainty about what to do next, and improve their general well-being by:

  • providing a listening ear;
  • supporting them to develop coping strategies; and
  • Signposting them to other sources of support.

We do this through offering one-to-one coaching sessions by trained coaches, usually in the client’s home.

Coaching sessions may work across any of these areas:

Clients can:

  • Talk with the coach about the present and the future
  • Explore possibilities to change things for the better
  • Develop skills, confidence and strategies to feel safer and put you back in control of their life.